CA Weekly Rides SE02 EP40 – Journies In Abandoned Places

This week John takes a break from the norm and hops back on the old Strom and gives us a tour of some old abandoned places that he found while in his travels.

As always we hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below and we will address them as quickly as possible.

Video was filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ linked with Sony ECM-CS3 Tie-Clip Microphone and a 3.5mm mic adapter cable for the GoPro camera.


11 thoughts on “CA Weekly Rides SE02 EP40 – Journies In Abandoned Places”

  1. I was thinking about the same thing when you mention "walking dead"..creepy as hell.
    I wouldn't ride alone even in the day light in place like that, creepy.
    by the way, i subs and a big shout out from all the in Indonesia…

  2. Good video. Looks like the bike you were on was completely capable. Heck even a street bike can negotiate those roads, possibly even the ditch. Thanks for the clip.

  3. 1:25 I like how the camera is in your field of view.
    13:45 too much camera shake on the house segment, and can't hear the voice.

    Too bad there isn't a wide open road going in because I'd love to race my delivery van through that town. I do that sometimes after I case the area to make sure nobody's around 🙂


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